About This Site

This site was built using Hugo: The world’s fastest framework for building websites. You can find the open source code at my Hugo Site Github repository.

“Why does your site look so boring?”

I was inspired to design my site the way you see it now by sivers.org and pjrvs.com. Like Derek Sivers says, “Yes my site is plain on purpose. It’s my minimalist desire for only what’s needed.”

Not only am I attracted to the minimal and essential, but I think websites have become just too complicated. With every site trying to outrank and out-advertise its competitors, I sometimes wish we could go back to good old HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

You could even make the argument that a simple, elegant website is, in fact, better for the environment! Since it requires less server space its carbon footprint will be smaller. And in the end, isn’t saving the planet really what it’s all about!